Crab Shack On The Beach

Restaurateurs and owners Amanda and Rob Simmonds have steadily built a huge following of seafood lovers that regularly dine at The Crab Shack On The Beach. There is no secret, it’s all down to providing the best seafood available and serving it simply, letting the quality speak for itself.

Everything is delivered fresh from their own boats, named ‘La Vagabonde Des Mer’ & ‘The Royal Escape’, fishing off the fast tidal waters in the English channel. They are called a ‘vivier boat’ which is French for ‘live holding tank’. The centre of their boats are full of water, enabling them to keep the crabs and lobsters alive. Employing a sustainable fishing method is what it is all about. Crab, Spider Crab and Lobster are not a precious stock species, therefore they’re do not have quotas like other fish stocks. However, at The Crab Shack and the Crab Shack Deli, committing to managing them seafood_platterproperly is the order of the day to ensure stocks remain plentiful.

The attractive driftwood interior of the restaurant provides a warm and comfortable setting, and booking is advised well ahead due to its popularity. You can find out more by calling them on 01626 777956, or visit their website