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The Teign Estuary and the beaches of Teignmouth and Shaldon are a fabulous natural resource, a haven for wildlife and a key reason why people like living here and visiting too.

Plastic waste on beaches and along the estuary is rightly seen as a disgrace. But one of the main sources of this waste in the are are the throw-away food and drink containers people casually throw away or leave behind after picnics. Every plastic item that ends up in the water takes thousands of years to disintegrate and even then, the micro particles end up in the food chain and in our fish supper!

The aim of the Taste of the Teign festival 2018, as well as promoting local food and drink, is to raise the profile and knowledge of sustainable packaging with the local authority, the public, but most importantly with every restaurant, cafe and food outlet in the area. The Teign Estuary is a great natural environment. This festival can be the launch of Teignmouth and Shaldon as a beacon of environmental good practice too.

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