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Following on from last year’s hugely successful Taste of the Teign Festival, 2019 which collaborated with the fledgling Teignmouth Sea Shanty Festival – this year’s event will be a slightly smaller format concentrated on the great local produce available around the estuary area.

We want to get back to our roots and ensure that the Festival is all about celebrating the amazing food and drink offer from around the Teign’ said a Taste of the Teign spokesperson. ‘From the finest freshest seafood, wines, beers and ciders, local meats breads and fruits and everything in-between this area has so many great offerings which offer taste, value, a real connection between producer and consumer as well as minimal food-miles. We would welcome anyone who shares a passion for local to come on board and join the Festival team.

We will be hosting an event this year, keep an eye on our website, and social media pages to find out more about what we have planned!

Meanwhile, we would like to encourage everyone, locals and visitors alike to keep shopping for food and drink around the Teign!

what is the taste of the teign?

Taste of the Teign is a Food and Drink Festival held in the last week of September  in Teignmouth, Shaldon and the surrounding countryside. This growing festival, now in its fifth year, celebrates the provenance and local flavours of the magnificent Teign River Estuary – mussels, crabs, jams, cakes, ales, gin, wine and much more.

Participating local restaurants and cafes host events and feature special menus based on foods available from the Teign Estuary and its environs. Producers demonstrate a range of skills including, how to shell and dress crab and press one’s own apples to make juice or cider.

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Celebrating the provenance of the River Teign

Here's three reasons why to take part in this years festival


Discover Local Produce

Celebrate all that’s special about the stunning Teign Estuary, from events featuring local river Teign mussels, award winning jams and beer, locally distilled gin and much more, the festival events will showcase the very best food and drink in the area.


Support Local Business

Learn from local businesses, chefs and their suppliers. There will be plenty of food for thought, as well as food to eat, and obviously your favourite tipple, attracting locals and visitors to get involved.


Educate & Inspire

We want to educate and inspire people, encouraging them to try local produce, visit local eateries, whilst also encouraging sustainability and the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans.

Cherry on the Top Ice Cream Shop

Helga Beer, owner of The Cherry on the Top Ice Cream Shop talks about the positive impact Taste of the Teign has had on her business.

Devon sent yummy ice cream, cakes and pasties and gorgeous gifts in the county’s quirkiest little seaside emporium of loveliness.

Promoting Plant Based Packaging

Why Sustainable Packaging?

Plastic waste on beaches and along the estuary is rightly seen as a disgrace. But one of the main sources of this waste in the area are the throw-away food and drink containers people casually throw away.

Teign Shanty Festival 2019

Over the weekend of 28th and 29th September 2019, Teignmouth and Shaldon will play host to anything up to 20 shanty groups performing in 9 venues and providing around 60 hours of ``free to attend`` shanty singing.

Our Festival Sponsors

A huge thanks to the local business heroes that help to make Taste of the Teign possible

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